Welcoming the New General Manager

The Board have recently appointed and welcomed a new General Manager, Sally Kingdon- Barbosa. Sally has a history of community work in various roles, including an understanding and commitment to women’s rights.

“I am honoured to be appointed to this dynamic role and acknowledge the vision and incredible legacy of hard work which has taken place before my time, by the founding Board and long serving staff members.
The women’s health work remains very relevant today, I value the remarkable contribution women make every day for their community and those volunteers who continue to make a difference. I grew up in a small close knit farming community in which people were very self-reliant and self-sufficient, the closest medical centre was a two hour drive away. My vision is to ensure there are no barriers for East Metro women to access our specialist women’s health and wellbeing services. I look forward to meeting and seeing the further development of the Midland Women’s Health Community to be inclusive of other communities in the East Metro region.”