Raphael Services

Midland Women’s Health Care Place provide a variety of services to women in the Eastern Metropolitan Area. To find out more about our services, please click this link: “Services“. In addition to the services we provide at MWHCP, we also have several other service providers on site at different times, including St John of God’s Raphael Services.

Raphael Services – offering Perinatal Infant Mental Health Specialised Services at Midland Women’s Health Care Place (MWHCP)

Raphael Services provide specialised services to mums, dads and families who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health issues during pregnancy and following childbirth (the perinatal period).

Raphael Services are staffed by a multidisciplinary team of mental health clinicians, including a psychiatrist, who will be available by appointment at MWHCP commencing in August 2016.

Perinatal mental health and wellbeing

Pregnancy and the arrival of a new child is a time in life when most people expect to feel happy and excited. It’s also a time that brings a lot of physical, emotional and social changes that can be hard to deal with, especially while parents are getting to know their new baby.

Up to one in seven women and one in ten men experience perinatal anxiety and depression. Many new parents have a hard time adjusting to pregnancy or being a new parent.

If you are a new parent who has been diagnosed with perinatal anxiety, depression or related difficulties, remember you are not alone. These conditions affect lots of mums and dads and can include:

  • Depression and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and following childbirth
  • Adjustment disorders in transition to parenthood
  • Problems in the parent-child relationship in the context of a parental mental health disorder
  • Anxiety and depression stemming from issues related to foetal screening and/or diagnosis
  • Anxiety and depression associated with perinatal loss or trauma

Bonding with your child

Emotionally connecting with your child is very important but when you are suffering from perinatal anxiety and depression it can be hard. We offer services that can help clients with this and enhance their experience of parenting.

Contact us

For more information, including contact details for your local Raphael Services, please visit our website at www.sjog.org.au/raphael.

  • Raphael Services is a specialist mental healthcare provider and therefore we require a GP or medical referral for all clients.
  • All Raphael Services are provided free of charge or at low cost. We offer services under various Medicare programs for mental health.
  • Our services can be accessed from the time you fall pregnant up until your child is four years of age.
  • Raphael Services welcome clients from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life.
  • Please be aware we are not a crisis service
  • In the event of a crisis, please contact Life Line on 13 11 14, your local community mental health service, or hospital emergency department