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Welcoming Sandra Kubota Iso

A warm welcome to Sandra Kubota Iso, she will be joining the counselling team and based at Ellenbrook .

Sandra brings to the role an experience of immigration, her parents after the second world war migrated from Japan to Brazil as an adult and with her family Sandra migrated from Brazil to become an Australian citizen.

Sandra brings extensive experience to the role having worked in Brazil as a neuro psychologist in private practice and further completed research in schizophrenia. In Australia she has worked alongside Elder people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Sandra is a passionate social justice advocate, recognising the vulnerabilities women may experience across their life course, whether it be from the migration experience, becoming a mother for the first time or simply the pressures of running a family household. She is looking forward to meeting with women from the Ellenbrook and surrounds communities.

Welcoming the New General Manager

The Board have recently appointed and welcomed a new General Manager, Sally Kingdon- Barbosa. Sally has a history of community work in various roles, including an understanding and commitment to women’s rights.

“I am honoured to be appointed to this dynamic role and acknowledge the vision and incredible legacy of hard work which has taken place before my time, by the founding Board and long serving staff members.
The women’s health work remains very relevant today, I value the remarkable contribution women make every day for their community and those volunteers who continue to make a difference. I grew up in a small close knit farming community in which people were very self-reliant and self-sufficient, the closest medical centre was a two hour drive away. My vision is to ensure there are no barriers for East Metro women to access our specialist women’s health and wellbeing services. I look forward to meeting and seeing the further development of the Midland Women’s Health Community to be inclusive of other communities in the East Metro region.”

General Manager’s Silly Season Message



Silly Season arrives!

Hello to All Members, Friends and Supporters,

Thank you all for your support of our term timetable and programs and for referring or bringing in friends who might be going through difficult time during 2017.

Although the Christmas season is presented as a very happy family time, for some of us who have lost loved ones this year, it may be a particularly difficult experience. I encourage you to keep in mind your own needs at this time. Christmas is only one day, and if you don’t feel like spending time with lots of people, possibly arranging a visit with supporting and understanding friends might help. And take it one day at a time. Christmas parties can also be a bit overwhelming; please do take care with your intake of alcohol. A few drinks are fine, but stress may cause us to drink fast or under-estimate how many drinks we imbibe. We want to see you back here in the New Year.

Midland Women’s Health Care Place will be staying open through the holidays (except for Public Holidays) so do drop by to register for the Summer Program or exchange books at the Little Free Library (which has become a rather BIG free library) and share a cuppa with friends.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy festive season.

Patsy Molloy, General Manager