Service users, carers, relatives of service users and interested parties have a fundamental right to voice suggestions or complaints about our service. We welcome your feedback at any time, which will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Should you wish to provide feedback, please consider downloading and completing one of the forms below.

All forms can be hand delivered or posted to:

General Manager (Private & Confidential)
Midland Women’s Health Care Place
4 The Avenue
Midland WA 6056


To provide general feedback about a group or course you recently attended:

Taster Day Evaluation

Pre & Post Group Evaluation **

**Please note, there are 2 pages on this attachment, designed to be completed at the start and end of the group respectively. The form is designed to measure change in skills, health, wellbeing and community involvement over time.



To provide general feedback about a counselling you recently received:

Counselling Evaluation


To provide general feedback about our creche:

Creche Evaluation


To make a formal complaint:

Complaint Form